1. Cazzette
Cazzette, brought to you by the same team that brought us Avicii. But this duo does it a bit different. They perform with big cassettes on their head. While the older crowd is wondering why they aren’t performing with USB sticks on their head, the young people wonder what a cassette is.11-djs-that-perform-with-masks-on-1

2. Deadmau5
The most famous mask performing DJ of our list. Deadmau5! Halloween wouldn’t be the same without this DJ. At every big festival you see somebody with a Deadmau5 mask, even if he isn’t performing.
11-djs-that-perform-with-masks-on-23. 2 Faced Funks
The identity of these 2 Armada signed DJ’s is still unknown to a lot of people. We got the pleasure of meeting them without their masks right before the interview we did with them where you can see what a struggle it can be to wear these masks.
11-djs-that-perform-with-masks-on-34. Mr White.
Sensation’s best kept secret. Mister White has been the warm-up DJ for sensation for some time now. They introduces Mr White at Sensation Amsterdam in 2009. There have been rumours that during the first edition where they introduced him, Mr White was The man with no shadow. But as you can see on the pictures this wasn’t Mr Whites final form. Nowadays Mr White is the same DJ that tours around the world with Sensation, and there are only a few people who know the identity. We are one of the few people, but to keep the secret alive, we won’t tell.
11-djs-that-perform-with-masks-on-45. Daft Punk.
To keep their private and musical life separated the French duo choose to live their musical career under the form of robotic aliases. There are only a few pictures going around the world wide web of them without their masks, or helmets would describe it better.

6. Gunz for Hire
Gunz for Hire are a combined group of two Hardstyle DJ’s that combined to start a new DJ act. Adaro and Ran-D needed something intimidating to match their intimidating name. This new act worked well, within two years these two guys entered the DJ mag top 100 at the 63th place.
11-djs-that-perform-with-masks-on-6-17. The Bloody Beetroots
This Italian DJ and live act is known for their Spiderman-like dark masks. In 2009 they collaborated with Steve Aoki to produce Warp, which was a perfect match because both Steve and the Beetroots have a rock music background.
11-djs-that-perform-with-masks-on-78. DJ Bl3nd
Los Angeles based DJ Bl3nd is known for wearing this creepy looking mask. In the beginning of his career he used to wear a more chucky (like from the movie) look a like mask. This masked also covered his chin, but later on in his career he found that wearing a mask without a chinpart was beter while performing.
p18ove2fbl18di1t81att1hov10o12e9. Dr Lektroluv
This Belgium DJ is also known as “The Man With The Green Mask”. Which is not just a good alias, but a fitting description as well. He doesn’t use headphones because he simply can’t, that’s why he uses a phone to listen to the music he is about to mix.

10. DJ’s from Mars.
The second mask wearing DJ Duo that popped up in the DJ mag top 100. DJ’s from Mars entered the DJ mag at the 95th place. These DJ’s aren’t actually from Mars, they are the second Italian Mask wearing DJ Duo of our list.