1. Know your gear!
A producer could have all the best gear in the world but if he doesn’t know how to use it, the outcome will be disappointing. A good producer knows how to use its plug-ins and knows what they are capable of. Expand your horizon and you’ll discover that you don’t have to own a thousand plug-ins to create a good sound.

2. Learn from your co-producers!
You’re not the only producer out there! Besides you many more producers are creating new different sounds. You learn a lot from watching others work and talking about how they approach their music. Check YouTube and other tutorials to get more information about producing a track.

3. Listen to your music!
Sometimes you’re so focussed on the production of the track you don’t really listen any more.. Try to turn of the screen so you won’t see the production or bounce the track before you listen. You could even try closing your eyes. This way you can’t see what part is coming next and you force yourself to really listen. You’ll notice that when you do you usually instantly discover what’s still missing in your track.

4. Take a break!
If you’re working on a track, take a break now and then. Don’t overwork your ears. If you do overwork them you’ll notice that you get used to the track and all what’s in it. This way you don’t really know what is good and what really isn’t. Refresh your ears! Make sure that from time to time you give yourself a chance to listen to it from another perspective.

5. Use a reference track!
Compare your track to some professional tracks or a track you want your track to sound like. Switch between the reference track and your track. This way you’ll discover what’s still missing in your track and what you need to do to improve it.