calvinharrispCalvin Harris 

The highest paid DJ in the scene has a medium modist rider. He certainly doesn’t have the most or weirdest demands of this list. But that might have changed since this is his rider from 2010. Like any other DJ in this list he has to have his vodka ready, some beers and some softdrinks.

Deadmau5pDeadmau5 One of the more technical difficult riders you can come across in the scene. Deadmau5 is more than just a DJ. When you look at his rider you can tell that the lighting and video aspect of his show are also important to ensure a high quality performance. He travels with a crew of 14 people to make sure everyting goes according to his plan.


dirtysouthDirty South

Dirty south also has a decent rider with some alcohol and bevarages nothing to chavy, the most shocking thing about his rider is that there is no request for nutella on it.


  Roger-sanchezRoger Sanchez The DJ that likes to arrive with style. Only luxury vehicals are good enough for Roger Sanchez. Another remarkable thing is that Roger also likes to party where he plays, unlike many other DJ’s he want to have a private VIP section for him and 30 other people max, and he wants to keep control over who he brings in on his list during the night.


Paul van Dyk
One of the longest practicing DJ’s in this list. So you got to think that he has had enough time to put some thoughts into his rider. Well he did, he is one of the DJ’s that asks only for bottle opener and a lockable dressing room. Paul asks for no alcoholic drinks like everyone else, besides that he brings every Equip he needs by himself. A man that has his feet on the ground.


steve-aoki Steve Aoki With Steve’s reputation you would expect this to be one of the most crazy riders in the scene, Steve’s performance requirements consist of a inflatable boat, confetti blasters and a Co2 cannon and don’t forget the 2 cakes Steve needs to throw every show. Steve aperantly is not only a DJ but also an master of ceremony. “25% of the Show are Steve’s Vocals”. Besides that Mr. Aoki wants 1 1/8 oz. of local grass and  the Promoter has to bring socks, underwear and t-shirts.

  afrojack1 Afrojack One of the tallest DJ’s in the scene, and he can’t stretch that enough on his rider. To avoide backaches his DJ booth needs to be at least 1.30 meter/4.2 feet / 50 inch high. Afrojack keeps it simple on the food and bevarages. a botle of vodka, of botle of champagne, softdrinks, and sandwiches will do for it the Dutch giant.