28/02 2013

Afrojack Car Crash

After crashing his brand new Ferrari, Nick van der Wall, better known as Afrojack bought a new one. This time he bought a blue Ferrari. Let's hope he is more cautious with this one! "I've made a new friend". That was the first thing Nick van der Wall twittered about his brand new toy, a toy that he only could play with for about one hour. Afrojack went to pick up his brand new car with his tourmanager. But due to the slippery weather he crashed his car. His accident created a traffic jam, which he apologized for on the dutch television to all the people who experienced this inconvenience. Don't think that Afrojack doesn't have any transport at the moment. He still has his Audi R8 and an Audi Q7 in his collection of cars. Afrojack responded with the next message about the incident: "for who is asking himself why I'm smilling, I have a wonderful family and great fans, I am touring around the world and I am doing everything I wish I could do. "Afrojack's crash started a chain of negative reaction across the internet. Afrojack appeared on the phone on the dutch television show RTL boulevard were he talked about this incident. He told that he is lucky nobody got hurt and that he is grateful for his life and the things he has.


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