Dear relation/friend,, a proven platform for dance, music and photography is looking for a new owner to unlock its full potential. After years of success and a thriving community, is looking for motivated music lovers that want to make it the platform it can be. We, the owners, have shifted our focus to other interests and businesses and therefore decided it’s time to sell our platform and say goodbye.


Stats & Figures:

  • Founded on 9th of February 2009
  • Created over 6000 posts over the last 7 years
  • Almost 3 million visitors till date
  • Visitors from 226 countries
  • Top country visits: USA – The Netherlands – Germany – Sweden – UK – Brazil – Canada – Russia


Visits over the past years

What you will get:

  • Website + CMS (WordPress) + Hosting + Domain name
  • Social Media channels
    • Facebook page (58.447)
    • Twitter (3250)
    • Instagram (13.2K)
    • Youtube (1364)
  • An almost 7 years old, well known brand name which will give you access to literally every event in the world. (We have access to all the major events like Ultra, Tomorrowland, Sensation etc.)
  • With our lifestyle section, even entrance to other events, hotels, and clubs are possible.
  • Valuable contactlist of Festivals, Events, Labels, DJ Managers and clients we’ve been working with for years.
  • Database of professional photographers and editors who are willing to create content/photos in order to be published on
  • Secret Facebook group including the photographers and writers
  • Google Analytics account


If you’re interested in acquiring, please see the contact details below: