The epic remixes from Full Intention just keep rolling. Following up on their last production on Defected, ‘Keeping Pushing’, which climbed to #1 in the Traxsource chart as well as remixes on the recent Fourth Floor re-releases, Michael Gray and Jon Pearn can do no wrong.

Originally released in 2001 on Defected, ‘Love Is Not A Game’ by J Majik now gets the Full Intention treatment, along with a rare drum and bass diversion from Defected by Mr Majik himself. The undeniable strengths of the original ‘Love Is Not A Game’ shine through in the remix while its basic core elements have been turned on their head.

Kathy Brown’s commanding voice soars while the original minimal drum and bass bottom line is switched up for a classic house-inclined 4/4. On the flip side is J Majik with his stripped-back drum and bass version which has all the same pace from his Metalheadz days and a suitably souped-up, rolling bassline.