Getting tired of losing your stuff? Can’t find your keys, remote-control or other items? There is a solution for your problem and it’s called: Stick-N-Find Stickets!

This invention allows you to create a virtual leash on a sticker so that if that sticker moves away more than the approximate selected distance from your phone, your phone will alarm you. You can even select a different type of alarm for each individual Sticker. Stick-N-Find Stickers are only 0.16 Inches (4.1mm) thin. With a compatible size, Stick-N-Find Stickers can be easily stuck on to many items.


With the associated App you can find your devices within a selected range with help from the Radar Screen. You can tap the Sticker on the radar screen and decide if you would like it to buzz, flash the lights, or do both. The radar screen can only be used to approximate the distance of the Stick-N-Find from your phone but not the exact directions. Once you have located a Sticker you would like to find on your Radar Screen, you start walking in a specific direction, and see if you are getting closer or further from the blue dot on your Radar Screen. Stick-N-Find Stickers have a buzzer and light, so that you can find your tagged items in the dark.


If you are looking for a missing Sticker, that your phone cannot find, or is not in range, you can either walk in a specific direction until the Sticker appears on your radar screen, or depending on the situation, the Sticker will eventually become in range, and your phone will then alert you. Stick-N-Find Stickers have a range of about 30 meters, with a battery that lasts for over a year and is replaceable.