In ‘Photographers Exposed’ we will get to know the people behind some of the most amazing photos. We start off with one of our favorite photographers in the dance scene, known as:

rudgr-profileWho? Rutger Geerling, 42 years old.
Job? Professional photographer for 17 years, 17 of which also in the dance industry.
Hobbies? Scuba-diving would be pretty much my no.1 hobby (though I take underwater photos professionally), love mountains for any outdoor activity you can imagine. And of course I love travelling, whenever possible with my family.
Quote? “Without photography life’s a mistake”

What was your first gig as a photographer?
Wow, first gig? That’s so long ago, end of 1995, I have pretty much forgotten. Must have been a smaller hardcore/gabber party in the Netherlands. My first big event as a photog must have been Mayday 1996.

What’s the most beautiful location you’ve visited for your work?
The most impressive party was “Distant Heat” in the Jordan desert, one of my favorite countries in the world. The Wadi Rum desert is a Unesco protected area and having a party there between the most incredible scenery was just mindblowing.

Which gallery makes you most proud?
Tough one, this springs’ Ultra Miami is an eyepleaser ofcourse but I also really like my Dirty Dutch shoot during the ADE last year since I got to combine color and black&white, which I love.

What is the most memorable thing that happened during your work?
The most memorable thing? That must have been shooting Tomorrowland’s fireworks last year from the helicopter. I wanted to do a nightshoot with pyro for ages but the equipment wasn’t yet up to it. With last years new Canon equipment I kne it had to be possible so I had a try-out at dusk during Defqon.1 – when that worked I requested a night slot for the heli at Tomorrowland and walked away with really unique photos. The sight of massive fireworks exploding at the same level you’re flying is simply unimaginable!

If you have to choose one favorite lens, which one would it be?
The new Canon 70-200mm USM mkII.

Show us three of your favorite photos and tell us a little about it. Why are these photos so special for you? 
Rudgr1A tough photo to shoot from a moving helicopter. It took a lot of timing and trying to hold my equipment as still as possible to walk away with this photo. (Canon 1Dx and 70-200USMII, 800ISO | Tomorrowland 2012, Boom)

Rudgr2I was waiting for the confetti to go and was planning on getting a close-up photo of a dancing girl on the shoulders sticking above the crowd. But I wanted it to have momevent as well, which is tricky since it can lead to useless blurry photos if the person moves to much. In this case it all worked out prefectly: golden confetti, American flag, hands and a nice posture. One of the hardest photos I’ve ever taken. (Ultra Music Festival 2012, Miami)

Rudgr3Last year I did the photography for a 14 page special on Dance Music for the Dutch edition of National Geographic Magazine. One of the trips I did was joining Fedde le Grand in his private jet to Ibiza. Since I wanted to have some shots of him leaving the jet I got out first to capture him. Guess whose bag he carried when walking down the steps? Life’s good (though I had to return the following morning, no sleep, with Easyjet)!