In ‘Photographers Exposed’ we will get to know the people behind some of the most amazing photos. In this fifth edition we are proud to announce a photographer who shot some amazing pictures for us during Ultra Music Festival in Miami last year, known as: Alex G Perez

alexgWho? Alex G Perez, 25 years old.
Job? Engineer & Part-time photographer
Years of experience? 4 years
Other hobbies/jobs? App/web developer, women and good drinks
Quote? “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it only matters where you are going.”

What was your first gig as a photographer?
My first paid gig was covering a band called “The Sounds” back in 2011.  They are a Swedish indie rock band with a musical style compared to New Wave.  This was also my first time shooting a concert.  While there was still a good amount of fill light, it was still challenging working in an environment so dark for the very first time.I managed to get my bearings pretty quickly and ended up with some great shots from the show.

You shot for at Ultra Music Festival 2013, can you tell us something about that? How did you experience such a huge event with numerous top DJ’s? 
My first time shooting at Ultra Music Festival was in 2013. A close friend of mine got me in contact with just 48 hrs before the event with the need of a second photographer. 24 hrs later I was on the road to Miami not knowing what I was getting myself into. I attended Ultra Music Festival in 2012, I knew it was going to be big, really big.  I’ve shot smaller festivals before this, but something about the scale of this 3 day festival was a lot to take in at once.  The energy Ultra Music Festival manifests is unreal and a pure adrealine rush. I was lucky to meet Adam Kaplan, also a photographer, minutes before gates opened on the first day. Adam was kind enough to walk me around back-house of Ultra to get myself familiarized with the layout and setup. After the first day, I now had an idea of certain shots I need for the next 2 days. A big influence on my shooting style was shaped from shooting this event. 3 wild days later, I was heading back home to Orlando completely exhausted. Time to edit.

What’s the most beautiful location you’ve visited for your work?
After thinking this one through, honestly can’t pick just one, I broke it down to the East and West coast. For the East coast, hands down TomorrowWorld outside Atlanta Georgia. As a TomorrowLand 2013 attendant, this location is honestly a second home to TomorrowLand in Belgium. Rolling hills surrounded with lakes, rivers and hidden adventures in mini forest areas.  This was a beautiful location to shoot, the sunset is unreal. 500+ acres made it somewhat difficult to walk from stage to stage. I will never forget being apart of the worlds first TomorrowWorld, and can’t wait to return this September.
For the West Coast, Das Energi in Salt Lake City was another hidden gem.  This 1 day festival was held on the outskirts of the Salt Lake. The mountains mixed with the vast endless lake truly held an awe over the festival.  I still can picture the sunset and fireballs lighting the lake at night. Cant wait to go back this year.

Which gallery makes you proud the most? This is a very tough question. Last year I had the privilege of shooting some of the top festivals in the US; Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, Life In Color and EDC.  But If I had to choose just one, I’d showcase my EDC Orlando gallery.  This event was not only in my home town, but the first major festival to perform in showing my ability to capture certain images for the live media team for Insomniac. Lots of communication occurred back and forth about certain shots with numerous photo dumps for online posting.  It was exciting to work in such a fast pace environment.  After the event, i was enlivened to receive compliments on my work and an invitation to cover White Wonderland New Years Year for Insomniac.  Im very excited to see what this year brings with them.
EDC Orlando Day 1 – EDC Orlando Day 2

What is the craziest thing your lens has seen, but shouldn’t be visible for the outside world?
This is a great question. As photographers, were always looking at things in a perceptive for shooting.  I’ve must of seen it all at festivals from getting it on in the corner to drug use and other occurrences.  But the craziest thing is usually hidden from the general viewing as what takes place backstage. As a complete shocking to me, I recently witnessed an artist and stage manager turn things up a notch over cut set times. As much love the industry as has, I was surprised to walk into something like that.

What is the most memorable thing that happened during your work?
My most memorable thing that has happened to me was actually at a festival. I somehow was linked up with a couple at TomorrowWorld who mentioned they were going to celebrate their wedding during the festival. I informed media team back in the production office, right away they wanted to cover the story and add the celebration to the TomorrowWorld morning paper. The wedding brought so much happiness to all the random spectators joining in on the vows and celebration. A lollipop bouquet was held by the bride as she walked down the aisle raining glitter. Vows were exchanged as the crowd grew even larger. I Do’s were said and shots were taken as music filled the air from the surrounding stage. It was truly a magical expierence.

What is your favorite lens?
My favorite lens I currently own is the 70-200mm f2.8 II. I use this lens whenever I get a chance. Its very sharp and gives me great DOF (Depth Of Field). I also use the lens in fashion shoots and pretty much anything which allows me to use this focal length. At festivals its a prime lens to sit back and capture peoples energy and true emotions in the moment without them knowing you are there. This is a must in your bag of gear!

Show us three of your favorite photos and tell us a little about it, why are these photos so special for you?
^12th Planet – EDC Orlando 2013. This photo is still one of my favorite shots, mainly because of the spontaneous fireballs forced 12th Planet to bail from the decks.  As he jumped to safety, the only thing I was paying attention to was not getting kicked into the fireball 1 foot behind me.  Without even thinking I continued to hold the shutter while I saved my back from cooking.  I knew there was no way I got anything usable from those shots as I was literally rolling away.  Viewing the images and this little gem appeared. 12th Planet and I had some good laughs after that set, and some water.
Canon 5D mkIII | 8-15 mm @15mm | 1/640s – f4.0 – ISO2000

^Main Stage – TomorrowWorld 2013.  This photo still gives me goose bumps. Fire, fireworks and an epic crowd.  Words can’t really describe why this is one of my favorite photos.  Probably was “the moment” when this was shot. The production, crowd energy and detail in every little aspect of the festival is why this photo is in my top picks.
Canon 5D mkIII | 16-25mm @ 16mm | 1/50s – f2.8 – ISO1600

^Main Stage – Ultra Music Festival 2013. This photo is almost a year old but still very special to me. This shot is what really set my EDM photography career into swing. This photo always reminds me when I started to never give up. I’m very fortunate to be where I am today. It looked like a very distant goal to be able to shoot the top festivals in the world, but with hard work and dedication I found myself getting paid to travel and shoot these amazing gatherings.
Canon 5D mkIII | 15mm | 1/80s – f2.8 – ISO1600