In ‘Photographers Exposed’ we will get to know the people behind some of the most amazing photos. In this edition we had the pleasure to talk with an adventure filled Aussie Photographer​ by the name of Matty Teague. 


Low_Res Web Selfies-4Who? Matty Teague
Age? 24
Your Job? Photographer 
Years of experience? 4
Other hobbies/jobs? Snowboarding Instructor, Scuba Diving, Kyaking
Favorite Quote? Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.


What was your first gig as a photographer?
You know I actually don’t remember. When I was 18 I deffered from my engineering degree and spent 12 months traveling the globe. I lived in the Canadian Rockies as a Snowboard Instructor for 4 months and by a stroke of luck I found my first DSLR in the lost property bin at work, it was a canon 450D. I went out brought myself a charger and my photography journey began. When I got home to Australia I canceled my Engineering degree and enrolled in a photography college. I never thought that 5 years later I’d be getting flown around the world for work, it’s been a crazy journey and I’ve loved every minute.


What’s the most beautiful location you’ve visited for your work? I havent found my favourite place yet, every year I travel and I discover somewhere new. Australia will always be home but this is my third trip to Europe this year and I’ve visited some amazing places, the Swiss Alps, Greece, and Croatia are the top three for 2014. South America is the dream.
Which gallery are you most proud of? My instagram feed! It’s a short photographic story of my life and thanks to meeting the right people I’ve had access to some of the biggest music events on the planet. I recently worked with Epic Cinema at Tomorrowland and only 2 weeks ago I was working at Ultra Europe in Croatia. I got an email today regarding a work opportunity in Antarctica, not confirmed yet but fingers crossed for another adventure. Instagram


What is the craziest thing your lens has seen, but shouldn’t be visible for the outside world? Those photos are best kept hidden! I’ve always got my camera with me but sometimes I put it down and just enjoy the moment im in, it’s easy to miss whats going on around you if you don’t look up from the LED screen.


What is the most memorable thing that happened during your work? I got shipwrecked! Just a few weeks ago in Croatia the boat that I was working on got caught in a storm, the anchor snapped and the boat got thrown against the rocks. We were evacuated as the ship partially sunk, it was the craziest experience of my life! I woke up at 6am to a rogue wave coming through my window. It all happened so quickly we didn’t have a chance to pack everything so I’m still missing gear. I didn’t have my passport for 4 days!
What is your favorite lens? Canon 50mm f1.2
Show us three of your favorite photos and tell us a little about it, why are these photos so special for you?

The first is from Tomorrowland- I love this shot! It really captures the emotion of the festival. You’ll never know unless you go. This year was my first year at Tomorrowland and honestly it’s the best festival I’ve ever been too. The branding, organisation, costume and stage design is the best in the world. On top of that the photographic and media talent at this event is amazing, you are working along side the best in the industry. This year I was working for Epic Cinema as a part of the Official Aftermovie team, an incredibly talented group of guys.


Tomorrowland | 1/160 sec. @ f/4 | Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Lens: Canon 70/200 2.8

I recently spent 2 weeks in Croatia, most of that time was spent working on a sail boat as one of their official photographers but the real reason I was in Croatia was for Ultra Europe. This festival is crazy, 3 days of madness followed by Ultra Beach party in Hvar. I was lucky enough to be shooting at both events this summer and I’ll definitely be back next year!

Ultra Beach @ Havr | 1/80 sec. @ f/1.2, | Canon EOS-1D C | Lens: Canon 50mm f1.2 

It’s not always festivals though! Just last week I was working with Marvin Slaats and Angelique van Dinter on a modelling shoot in Eindhoven. I met both of these crazy kids at festivals this year, Marvin is a photographer and Angelique is a dancer. Meeting new people everyday is one of the perks of photography, just start a conversation, you never know who you’re going to meet.

Eindhoven Airport Shoot | 1/2.500 sec. @ f/2.5, | Canon EOS-1D C | Lens: Canon 70/200mm f2.8