Probably, you love to hear music and I think I’m not wrong when I say you like to hear it loud. Loud music makes you feel the bass more and gives an extra touch to the music. Especially when you’re going out to festivals or clubs, the music is always loud. This can cause problems for your hearing, but problems are there to be solved, so this problem can be solved as well. 

There are many manufacturers of hearing protection and we had the honor to test the hearing protection of Filterz. Filterz is a Dutch organisation which is specialized in hearing protection and their products are very popular among musicians, artists and DJ’s. Even if you’re not doing anything in the music business, but you’re just love to visit festivals and parties I would recommend them.


The ear can be exposed to short periods in excess of 120 dB without permanent harm (though with discomfort and possibly pain), but long term exposure to sound levels over 80 dB can cause permanent hearing loss. Festivals and clubs exceed this level of dB, as most clubs and festivals have a sound level of 95-105 dB. It is important to have earplugs with you when you don’t want to risk hearing loss. Some people don’t seem to care about their ears at this moment, but it can cause horrible problems, like ‘tinnitus’.

Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head. It is usually described as a ringing noise, but in some cases it’s even worse. Most people with tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss, in that they are often unable to hear clearly external sounds that occur within the same range of frequencies as their “phantom sounds”. For musicians and DJs, special musicians’ earplugs play an important role in preventing tinnitus. They can lower the volume of the music without distorting the sound and can prevent tinnitus from developing in later years. For anyone using loud electrical appliances, such as hair dryers or vacuum cleaners, or who work in noisy environments such as building sites, where earmuffs are impractical, earplugs are also helpful in reducing noise exposure.


Now that you know the basic thing about hearing loss, you may wonder about the process of getting custom made earplugs for yourself. How does this work? I can only speak for myself, because I tested the earplugs from Filterz, and I must say it’s very simple and the service is excellent. I ordered the earplugs on their website and made an appointment with Filterz to meet each other. Since the earplugs are custom made, they have to make sure it fits your ears perfectly, so they visited my home and made prints of my ears. Two weeks later I received the custom made earplugs, which (of course) fitted perfectly. They are easy to use and it isn’t annoying to wear them. They are reducing the volume, but the music doesn’t sound bad. This may sound weird, but when talking to people, it’s easier to hear each other with earplugs.

“Since I started wearing Filterz I noticed a definite improvement in my post-gig hearing but they still allow me to monitor my mixes clearly. I definitely recommend them for any DJ that wants to continue hearing clearly in several year’s time.” – Roger Sanchez

Visit Filterz for more information.