Just wow! That was the first thing what came in my mind after visiting the 4DSound Experience at the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. I witnessed a whole other level of experiencing music during a two-hour show of Max Cooper. I went to the first show of the night, due to the success of this show there was another one planned later that night!

When entering the room, you could see a big plateau in the middle of the room with 15 poles on it (3 x 5). Each pole had a speaker in the bottom, in the middle and probably also in the top (I couldn’t actually see it, because it was too high). All the poles were working together really well, so you could actually here the sound moving in between the different poles.

It was very dark in the room, the main focus was on the music and of course the DJ playing the music. Max Cooper was standing on the plateau with his set-up as well, inbetween the different poles, with the crowd surrounding him. Everyone attending this event knew it was going to be something special and Max made sure it was something special.

It’s a whole new game for producers to produce music for the 4D Sound Experience. Instead of music only coming from the left, middle or right on a normal sound system, now you also have to think about the rear and front. You’re surrounded 360 degrees by sounds. With the help of Ableton, a couple controllers and a screen for the ‘blocks’, Max was able to perform a show I have never experienced in my life before. Imagine standing in the middle of the plateau and hearing a sound flying around you from the left corner in the back to the right corner in the front and back and forth and so on, it’s incredible! It’s like you’re in another dimension, somewhere far away from earth!

An other cool thing that happened during the show is the change of colours underneath your feet. Underneath the plateau is plenty of room for colour changing lights that interact with the sound that’s playing. If Max Cooper thinks that red fits the song the best, the floor will be red lighted. The subwoofers were also hidden under the plateau, so when the bass kicked in, you definitely felt like it touched you!