Founder – Photographer – Webdevelopment

Remy de Klein

Remy is responsible for the web development of With his knowledge of design Remy also started photographing events and festivals. From there on started covering more and more events. Now having traveled the world to cover the biggest events, Remy has grown out to become a known and respected photographer.

Owner – Photographer – Public relations

Michiel Ton

Michiel manages the team of international photographers. He makes sure that they get access to the biggest and most exclusive events worldwide and has covered his fair share as well. Michiel is always looking for new photography talent, and is willing to share his knowledge with them.

Founder – Content director

Nahrwan Fadainia

Nahrwan is the reason why exists. He started posting new dance music on different forums. Remy decided that this passion for sharing new music needed a home. From this idea was born.



Owner – Lifestyle manager

Mitch de Klein

Mitch de Klein is in charge of the lifestyle content. He is a central point for all the writers and makes sure that the website is up to date with fun, and entertaining content. Mitch also has a talent for music his productions have been picked up by some of the biggest international DJs. Mitch is always looking for new people to join our editorial team.

Senior writer

Elliott Brown

One of the most knowledgeable persons when it comes to dance music. Elliott has build a great network since he started working for This is mainly due to his genuine interest in people and because he is always interested in talking about the latest developments in the scene.

Senior photographer – editor

Darryl Adelaar

Darryl Adelaar Joined a few years ago, with no experience in photography he grew out to become one of our best photographers within just a few years. Darryl is loyal, a fast learner and always looking for new adventures to capture with his camera.


Noel Lurken

More info soon


Naami Sonaami

The always happy Naami is normally really busy flying all over the world. His passion for dance music is big, and he loves sharing his content with the rest of the world when he finds the time in between his job as a pilot.

Photographer? – Content writer?


We are always looking for new people to join our editorial team. Do you have knowledge of wordpress? Are you interested in writing about luxury and the dance music lifestyle? The fill in the form, and we will get back to you about joining editorial team of writers.

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