The 10 Special Tracks Of’ is all about getting to know what music a DJ/producer really loves in whatever the situation they find themselves in! You will also get to know more about the musical taste of some of the biggest artists within the industry too! For this edition, we have the one and only Laidback Luke!

Track 1 – First record you ever bought, why?
It was Johnny L – Hurt You So, back in 1992. This was a UK breakbeat type of song.

Track 2 – Most favorite track that you produced?
I’ve felt the world slept on We’re Forever, which is a shame. Even over tracks like Leave The World Behind or Natural Disaster, this is one is my favorite one. Not because of it being the most technical or stand out song, but just as a song, it’s the one that makes the most sense to me as a whole, a total package working perfectly.

Track 3 – Favorite remix that you produced?
It’s my remix for Buy Now – Body Crash. It’s Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso’s alias from back in the day. The original was such a good track and technically such a hard remix to add onto. But I did it! I gave it a housier twist and an extra edge. I was super proud of the result!

Track 4 – Which track gives you goosebumps?
I just produced a track in my 30 tracks in 30 days challenge with Mangal Suvarnan which is totally out of the box and a guitar ballad essentially. More news on this after the summer!

Track 5 – Guilty pleasure track?
Anything by Maroon 5 ha ha, I’m actually a fan *Blushing*

Track 6 – Favorite after-hours track?
I still adore a track like Boysnoize – Adonis, I love the deep and tribal feel it has. Funny enough, when I get deeper and tech, for instance when I play back to back with Gina Turner, I like the music very abstract and uncompromised.

Track 7 – What track would be played at your funeral
Phoenix – Love Like Sunset. One of the most epic tracks I know, it really takes me on a journey and when I listen to it I see my whole life flying by.

Track 8 – Secret weapon? 
Any of my classic tracks still work! Which I’m so happy with. My one secret weapon is simply just the Organ Acappella from Robin S – Show Me Love. Drop that in whenever and it’s garanteed to work anywhere! :) There’s no beats or vocal in there though so I always need to mix quickly after.

Track 9 – Best track of last 20 years?
When it comes to Electronic Music, or the area I move in, I might just need to say Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You. So simple yet so effective and catchy! The way the bassline sits in the track and how the compression was has been a blueprint on how we mix down EDM right now.

Track 10 – Favorite track at this moment?
It’s an ID called ‘Stuck In My Head’  I’m playing it a lot and it’s working incredibly well, try and catch it in one of my sets!